Where Buddhism and Science Meet

A video about buddhism and science. Contemporary orthodox quantum physics and early Buddhism contains crucially converging and parallel core concepts.

Where Buddhism and Science Meet explore Emptiness, Interconnectivity and the Nature of Reality.

Buddha said that reality was a manifestation of mind, very similar if not exactly like a dream. Mind creates reality, this is what he called the true nature of reality, or emptiness. Nothing exists separate from the mind. “Reality” is an illusion of mind.

Science has found that:
1. Unless being observed reality exists in superposition, or infinite possibility, its not until things are observed that they become “material”ized. There’s an inseparable tie between mind and matter.
2. Particles flash in and out of existence from a void. We don’t know where they come from or where they go, and we can only predict where they might arise.
3. We cannot know a particles position and velocity at the same time.
4. Atoms consist of 99.9999 empty space.
5. Particles simultaneously exist as waves. The wave/particle duality.

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Also watch  the amazing documentary on quantum physic from scientists experiment.


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